Hot from the oven

Ez-Balance 2.0

It took quite a while but this is now live: a new, refreshed and faster version of ez-Balance!

There has been a fair amount of re-coding with an updated technology stack and thoughts put into it in order to deliver new features with more insights into your assets, more dynamic content and a fully responsive website so that you can now really take ez-Balance wherever you go, on your mobile phone or tablet! We also rejuvenated this blog. We hope you like it!

With such stronger foundations, we are now working toward more analytics, dashboards and automation so that you can really get the info you need and help you stay on top of your finances. Stay tuned for more info, on the new features that have been already added and the ones that are to come soon. And feel free to suggest enhancements or new features that you would like to see added!

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