Hot from the oven

New feature: in/activation

We just rolled out a new feature applying to bank accounts, credit cards, categories and counterparties. You can now inactivate any of those from the configuration screen. As a result, all the data (like expense, budget…) asssociated to them will be kept in the database but the inactivated items will not be available in reports […]

Did you know?

The cost of missing it

You know it comes every month. You know it always comes around the 15th of every month. You also roughly know the amount since it doesn’t change much from a month to an other. But still , you missed it. What is it? Just the mobile bill, the cable TV subscription, the limit to accumulate […]


New Year’s resolutions

The New year is already here (and well installed already) and so are the resolutions. Everybody has come this year again with a (wish)list and will try to stick to it for the rest of the year. For the most motivated, usually, that list just vanishes by mid-March, maybe April for the most motivated and […]


Happy New Year 2013

We couldn’t let this first business week (well, kind of week) of the year ends without wishing our users, readers, followers, likers, friends and staff a Happy New Year 2013! Less than two months after going online, we have received inquiries and feedback (through social medias, for example) which are really encouraging and therefore keep […]