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Finding needles in haystacks

Christmas is now behind us (well for a year) and to prepare the next social night (yes, the New Year’s Eve), it is maybe time to go beyond your fears and look at your bank accounts to see how your finances are recovering from the latest wounds. So, here it is. You are looking at […]


Merry Christmas

Happy to celebrate its first Christmas, we hope everybody enjoyed this precious time as much as we did (although it diverted us to keep working on browser compatibility issues and other little things). Resting well and getting ready to get back to it to it tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you all!  


Welcome to ez-Balance’s blog

In order to keep everybody (user and potential future users) informed of the progress, new features… of ez-Balance,we are happy to start this new blog which -hopefully- will give you a good understanding of what we do, how we do and the values it can provide to our users. Keep posted in here as we […]