New Year’s resolutions

The New year is already here (and well installed already) and so are the resolutions.

Everybody has come this year again with a (wish)list and will try to stick to it for the rest of the year. For the most motivated, usually, that list just vanishes by mid-March, maybe April for the most motivated and stubborn of us. For the others, that might already be part of history or will soon be.

Let’s face it, it happened to all of us and the main reason for that was because it was hard to keep the motivation and keep up the good work as the weeks went by. Now, what would you think if something or someone could help you on a daily basis? Someone that could quickly show you where you stand and where you are going with your project? That sounds pretty good, isn’t it?

Well, that’s what ez-Balance does. Every day, you can login and the dashboard will tell you exactely where you stand with your account and your investment. That way, you know whether you are on track to realize the project you truly wished for when the bottles of Champagne popped on December 31st, whether that was saving for some wonderful holidays in some paradisiac island, for a new car, gifts to kids, new apartment or anything else. With ez-Balance, you set the targets and you’ll know instantly whether you are on the good track, need further care… or just forget it for this year and then, starting setting a more achievable target for next year using our tools to identiy what can be done.

Sounds interesting? Just register and start planning!

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