Finding needles in haystacks

Christmas is now behind us (well for a year) and to prepare the next social night (yes, the New Year’s Eve), it is maybe time to go beyond your fears and look at your bank accounts to see how your finances are recovering from the latest wounds.

So, here it is. You are looking at your main account and try to find out how much Christmas cost you this year. Of course, there are the gifts for the kids and the best half(ves?), the tree purchase and delivery, the wine shop bill, the groceries bill but wait! don’t you forget the gift you bought on Internet with your EUR-denominated account for your uncle? and what about the taxi you used to do your last minute errands and you paid cash?

It looks like this is slightly beyond basic reconciliation and even though you have your loyal and trusted Excel spreadsheet built over time, you still can’t find all the info you were looking for 25 minutes ago? ez-Balance can easily help you with its tag system that allows you to track any kind of expense on any account and quickly give you the results you were looking for. With a single click, you can also match that result against your initial target. Click one more time and you can even compare that result with what you spent last year!

The tag system marks a perfect complement to the usual reporting by account/category and provides that additional dimension you needed to know where you are and whether you can let yourself be tempted for that nice bottle of Sauternes 2003 with your chocolate fondant on December 31st!

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